Leader in Rocha pear: grower, packer and shipper.

Primofruta - Sociedade Hortofrutícola, Lda was born in 1994 by the hand of Armelindo Luis Tavares and Antonio Carlos Elias, the founding partners that remain up to present as the managers of the company. Starting off with only 200 tonnes of fruit, Primofruta grew and became a solid and reliable company thanks to the strategic vision of its mentors and based on the quality and unique features of its Rocha pear.

Primofruta stocks, packs and sells an average 15,000 tons of Rocha Pear each year coming from its own orchards and from other farmers lands in the West Region of Portugal. The fruit is produced under the supervision of Primofruta’ technical team assuring it matches the high quality standards required by demanding international markets.

Primofruta’ packhouse includes a coldstorage capacity for 7,000 tons, 80% of which in controlled atmosphere. The company works in partnership with two other packhouses in the Western Region of Portugal, marketing the fruit of these companies.

Driven by the international recognition of Rocha pear and by the expansion of its exports Primofruta is investing to increase its own production, planting each year new orchards. Its goal is to extend the volume of fruit available to export in the coming years. Meanwhile an investment is planed to increase the coldstorage capacity to 10,000 tons.