Primofruta exports to three continents

Primofruta exports 95% of its fruit to three continents: Europe, America and Africa.

In Europe, France is the main market for Primofruta, along with Ireland, Germany, Poland, Russia, and other European countries. In America, Brazil became the first consuming market of Rocha pear and the largest outside Portugal. In Africa, Morocco has been captured by the unique features of Rocha pear, and is working as a turntable to other African markets.

Primofruta has a portfolio of loyal customers. We are pride of working in a base of mutual trust and long lasting commercial bonds, based on a continuous and timely delivery of the fruit that is packed according to the specific needs of our customers.

Motivated by the increase of fruit available to market, Primofruta is looking out to strengthen the trade relations with existing customers and is searching for new commercial partners willing to sell and value Rocha pear in new markets.