Delicate and elegant, full of charms to be discovered beneath a freckled skin kissed by the sun and the salt of the Atlantic. Primofruta pear is a delicacy to enjoy at any time, as a dessert or between meals. Produced by experienced farmers in the West of Portugal, delights consumers worldwide. Firm, juicy and sweet, our pear is the perfect snack between meals and a great ingredient for sophisticated and healthy desserts.



“Ao sabor da Natureza, ao Gosto do Brasil”. Crinka is our brand for the Brazilian market. If you ask a Brazilian about the Portuguese pear, Crinka will probably be the answer. One of the largest fruit consumer in the world, Brazil loves Rocha pear and became the first consuming market of the Portuguese variety outside Portugal . Enjoy Crinka up to the last bite, feel the flavor and the firmness of a fruit just picked from the tree. Nature at its very best.



Enjoy the small pleasures of life because each moment is unique, like the taste of Rocha pear, born and raised in the most distant lands of Western Europe. Pearlicious brand takes the best Portuguese pear to world consumers. Grown with love and harvested by passion, Rocha pear is a way of life for thousands of people engaged each day to deliver delicious pears.