Food security comes first.

Primofruta works on a daily base to deliver delicious fruits to the consumer. From field to fork food security comes first in all of our decisions aiming to accomplish high quality standards.

Our Rocha pear is sweetest, presenting an average 12 °Bx, thanks to the soils where it grows and because many of our orchards are not irrigated, allowing the fruit to concentrate and preserve its natural sugars.

Our field strategy aims to minimize pesticide residues in the fruit, with the ultimate goal of approaching zero residues. Advised by our technical team, farmers manage the orchards according to the principles of Integrated Production: using chemical free products is pest control, as often as possible (mass trapping, mating disruption), low toxicity pesticides and a reduced number of active substances.

Our fruit comes exclusively from orchards certified with the international protocol Global G.A.P.

Primofruta believes a preventive strategy in the field is crucial to harvest high quality fruit, less susceptible to damage during storage and able to maintain its flavor and texture from the tree to the shelf.

In the packhouse we also prefer to work with low toxicity fungicides that exempt the fruit from residues, making it safer for the consumer.

Stocks are carefully managed in order to preserve most part of our fruit in good conditions for several months, from August to July of the following year. For this purpose Primofruta has been continuously investing in controlled atmosphere storage, which represent 80% of our total capacity.